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Why we took a break & how we made it back!

Jessica Oliva

Posted on September 13 2022

Hey Siren Babes!

This week’s blog post is about our break and how we made it back!

When our second line launched in 2018, I unfortunately was extremely busy outside of Sirenetta. I had just purchased my first home, had a full time job working for my family's liquor store business and selling real estate all while trying to run Sirenetta. Sirenetta just kept getting pushed off and pushed off until I officially put it on pause. At first it was to make sure I could get a job in the fashion industry. Which I got at J.Crew in fabric production for a short time. I was only there for a few months but learned a lot about colors, different fabrics, working with a manufacturer overseas, corporate life and really learning to balance life and work. Shortly after I started there my family bought out their business partners in their restaurant. I was asked to step in and help run things. Which I was happy to do after commuting into the city in the dead of winter 2 hours one way. Honestly, things just got away from me and I kept getting swept up in everything around me, not really deciding for myself what I wanted to do or be. For those years I constantly felt like something was missing. I couldn't understand why though. I was great at whatever job I had but I wasn’t being fulfilled. Restaurant life is a very all consuming career path as well so it really forced me to constantly think if this was for me. I journaled about it, talked about it to my therapist and to my family and friends. I finally realized every time I talked about it or worked through it I always came back to Sirenetta. Any time I would even do the smallest task for it I could just feel my soul recharging. I finally said enough was enough and left my full time job which was running my family's restaurant on July 31, 2022 to give Sirenetta ALL of my attention. The only way I can guarantee Sirenetta even has a chance of being successful is giving it 100% of my time.

(Me looking into my future with Sirenetta lol, this pic was husband approved😂)

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