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Why Ocean Conservation?

Jessica Oliva

Posted on September 22 2022

Hi our Siren babes!

This week we wanted to discuss why we chose Ocean Conservation as a core value of Sirenetta and how we honor that commitment.

When we started Sirenetta we knew we had to give back to our oceans. Our ocean is WHY we have swimwear. We believe that deserves some respect. It is also a major part of our ecosystem that we regularly abuse. We need to take responsibility and take care of it. Also, no matter what kind of day we are having, going to the ocean puts everything into perspective. It is without a doubt our happy place. 

How have we honored this value? We have not only pledged 1% of our profit to ocean conservation but we also ship all our products in a reusable bag. We don't give any of our Sirens single-use plastics. If we get any from our manufacturer, WE make sure it gets taken care of correctly instead of putting that responsibility on our Sirens. On top of that our Escape line was developed with a recycled Italian lycra. We also are not a fast fashion brand. We want our Sirens to wear their Sirenetta suits for multiple seasons and most do! We will never be a brand that releases quick trends every other week like some of our competitors.
In the next year we are planning regular beach and ocean cleanups as well. Hopefully our efforts have a little bit of an impact of our ocean's ecosystem. We want nothing but to help our beautiful ocean and bring it back to its natural state. Though we might not be able to get it back completely, we hope to get it close.


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