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Reusable Container Campaign🌏

Jessica Wade

Posted on August 19 2018

Welcome Sirens!

I wanted to take the time today to explain our Reusable Container Campaign that we started this summer (and plan to continue) at Sirenetta.


As you know, the ocean has become a collection site for the majority of plastic waste. At this rate, by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. That is only 32 years away and about 3.5 trillion fish in the ocean to date. 3.5 TRILLION!  More plastic in the ocean than fish is definitely not a world I want to live in and you, with the help of Sirenetta, can change that!


By showing us your commitment to reducing plastic waste we are offering FREE personalized DISCOUNT CODES. Follow these simple steps:


-Direct message, email, or tag us in a picture of you using a reusable container.

-Any container/product that reduces the quantity of SINGLE USE PLASTICS

-This includes but is not limited too: reusable straws and cups, bringing your own bag to the grocery store, glass containers instead of sandwich bags, be creative!


In turn, you will receive a 25% OFF discount code for your next order. This is not a one-time deal either. Show us your commitment each week and you will continue to receive new discount codes. That is up to 52 times a year you could be getting 25% OFF awesome bikinis!


So my Sirens, this is your chance to be rewarded for helping the ocean and look great doing it!


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